Youth initiatives in promoting tobacco free campuses in Rwanda
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AB Global Health Initiative, Rwanda
Rwanda Pharmaceutical Students Association, Rwanda
Young Proffesionals for Chronic Disease Network, Research, Rwanda
Publication date: 2018-03-01
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2018;16(Suppl 1):A403
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Background and challenges to implementation:
Global youth tobacco use is widespread throughout the world and this is a problem that will results in continuation in adulthood, early cardiovascular and lung diseases, nicotine dependence and also premature death from smoking, being a youth issues the problem become that it's easy to spread by peer pressure, in Rwanda the case is the same and a big number of those young smokers they learn from others in boarding schools and campuses, it's from here youth led organizations took initiatives to teach their colleagues the harmfulness of smoking.

Intervention or response:
Youth initiatives of peer education about the harm of tobacco has been initiated by healthcare students led organizations in different campuses that motivate their colleagues quit smoking and goes with advocacy in stopping smoking in schools area, banning tobacco sales in schools, putting poster with messages around the campus and messages in different gatherings like sport competitions all these are for promoting smoke free campuses and these students will be the intellectuals that will teach their respective home communities.

Results and lessons learnt:
More than 10000 youth have been reached by these initiatives in campuses and around campuses areas where they had got different messages on tobacco harm, strategies to quit smoking and all info that can help youth to promote a smoke free generation starting from campuses. Some important concerns and challenges met have been reported to universities and biomedical centre for further policy and decision making.

Conclusions and key recommendations:
Educating youth is key to have a sustainable smoke free generation, and they are interested with that and still these initiatives need more support to reach many people. Universities and governments have to support these initiatives as they are cheap interventions in reducing burden of smoking in country. And more researches can be done to know more info of what can help youth quit smoking.

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