Identifying characteristics of cigarette displays at points of sale in Brazil
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National Cancer Institute, Executive Secretariat of National Comittee for FCTC Implementation, Brazil
Cancer Foundation, Brazil
FCTC Convention Secretariat, Switzerland
Publication date: 2018-03-01
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2018;16(Suppl 1):A738
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Since 2011 has banned the advertising in the points of sale (POS). However, the legislation allows the exhibition of tobacco products packages in these places, accompanied by health warnings.
Due to this gap in the legislation, the exhibition of packs at the POS (bars, restaurants, bakeries, newsstands) has become the main focus of the advertising strategies of the tobacco industry.

Identify the characteristics of the display of cigarette packages at POS. The methodology used was the market research called Secret Shopper - the researcher went to 54 locations in 3 capitals and 3 inner cities during 2015 as a potential consumer. The following characteristics of the displays were evaluated: positioning, quantity, shape, size, lighting and height.

Most of the displays observed are placed next to the payment cash, which makes them very visible, because every client must pass in this area. They are usually close to products for children, such as sweets and candies. The displays are also often positioned in a way to be visible outside the POS.
The displays are mostly exposed in walls at a strategic height that facilitates their view from all angles. However, the industry has expanded the number of displays and uses small totems, little displays above tables and wall clocks. Displays on the floor, often as antique furniture, were often observed to display some tobacco products (cigars and pipes) and are easily accessible for children.
All displays observed had their own lighting. Even in dark places, the displays attract the attention.

Due to a poor detailed regulation, the industry has improved its marketing strategies in POS. There is an urgent need for a detailed regulation on the exhibition of tobacco products in Brazil. Illuminated, with different shapes, strategically positioned displays can call for more attention and increase sales.

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