Tobacco industry and sponsorship in Indonesia: The use of the concept of economic exploitation for challenging Djarum badminton audition
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Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Jakarta, Indonesia
Publication date: 2021-09-02
Corresponding author
Patricia Rinwigati Waagstein   

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2021;19(Suppl 1):A120
Indonesia is not a party of FCTC. TAPS are still allowed with some exceptions depending on the media concerned. In the case of sponsorship, Government Regulation No. 109/2012 still allows any tobacco sponsorship providing that tobacco industry’s sponsorship is not exposed by media and it does not contain any logos, brand names and/or images. In other words, sponsorship should be conducted silently. Apparently, this is different from reality. Djarum, one of the biggest tobacco industries in Indonesia, has been sponsoring badminton audition for many years. It targets children from 8 to 18 year-old to join its exclusive national badminton club. During the audition, all children were obliged to wear Djarum’s shirt and Djarum logo’s were placed almost everywhere in 5 different cities namely Bandung, Purwokerto, Solo Raya, Surabaya, and Kudus. Advertisement of this event with Djarum logo and interviews were nationally conducted. Child exploitation is prohibited under the Law No. 35/2014. This law distinguishes between economic exploitation and sexual exploitation. While the latter is clearly defined as child prostitution, the former was defined as any action without the consent of a child as a victim, which use the energy and/or skill of a child by other party to obtain material gain.

The question was whether the sponsorship by Djarum can be considered as an economic exploitation under the Indonesian law. By doing so, it can limit the intervention of tobacco industry in sport activities.

This article will use normative approach, focusing on the development of economic exploitation under Indonesian Legal system.

It is argued that although the concept was usually employed to refer to child labor, it is time to expand it to cover various issues including Djarum audition.

Using the concept of economic exploitation should be done carefully.

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