Score level of conformity to Thai tobacco-free healthcare setting standards in view of hospitals and health centers in Thailand
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Thai Physician Alliance Against Tobacco, Bangkok, Thailand
National Alliance For Tobacco Free Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
Publication date: 2021-09-02
Corresponding author
Varabhorn Bhumiswasdi   

Thai Physician Alliance Against Tobacco, Bangkok, Thailand
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2021;19(Suppl 1):A202
Thai Physician Alliance Against Tobacco (TPAAT) has continuously empowered hospitals and health centers, that are smart quit clinic members of TPAAT, to use Thai Tobacco-Free Hospital/Healthcare Setting Standards (TTFHS) as guideline to play active roles in the prevention and control of tobacco use. Eight standards are as follow: leadership and commitment, two-way communication and public relation for policy enforcement, human resource development, comprehensive tobacco treatment service system, tobacco treatment supportive management system, Tobacco-free environment, community involvement, and result and analysis. In 2019, 115 hospitals/health centers voluntarily submitted their self-assessment reports (SARs) to TPAAT.

To study hospitals/health centers own view of conformity level to TTFHS in 2019.

115 SARs were analyzed. Total score of conformity to TTFHS was classified into 5 levels - beginner, fair, good, very good and excellent. Conformity ranking to 8 standards were determined.

115 hospitals/health centers were in Bangkok and other 45 provinces. There were 2 university hospitals, 7 regional hospitals, 24 general hospitals, 46 community hospitals, 5 specialized hospitals, 4 army hospitals 1 private hospital and 26 public health centers. 35.7% of them viewed themselves at very good level. 22.6%, 21.7%, 16.5% and 3.5% were at good, excellent, fair and beginner level respectively. Conformity comparison to each standard using the average score showed that tobacco-free environment had the highest average score and result and analysis had the lowest average score.

Most hospitals/health centers assessed themselves that they conformed rather well to TTFHS standards. Annual self-assessment activity to find out opportunities for improvement should be encouraged. External empowerment visits to confirm their achievement and capacity building to strengthen continuous quality improvement culture for the progression of effective and efficient tobacco cessation service system should be conducted. Scaling up and expansion of TTFHS utilization nationwide is recommended.

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