Results from unannounced visits to check compliance with smoke-free regulations in three types of indoor places in Beijing
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Office of Beijing Patriotic Health Campaign Committee, China
Publication date: 2018-03-01
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2018;16(Suppl 1):A158
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Beijing Tobocco control regulation come into force in 2015. According to the regulation, all indoor areas are smoke free. To assess compliance with the Beijing Regulations, identify weaknesses and problems, and provide scientific evidence for policy making by the government and other authorities.

on site, unannounced visits. We conducted unannounced visits to a sample of 821 places in three types of places across the sixteen districts of Beijing, including medical and health facilities (including health and family planning commissions, CDCs, health inspection institutes and a variety of hospitals), colleges (including vocational schools) and taxis (including Shouqi Group vehicles booked online).

Among medical and health facilities, all posted smoke-free signage, and no cigarette end or smoking paraphernalia was found indoors, except in private hospitals, community health service centers and few maternal and child care centers. Among colleges, 96.9% of them posted smoke-free signage, cigarette end was found indoors in 9.9% of colleges, smell of smoking was detected indoors in 1.9% of colleges, and ashtray was found indoors in 0.6% of colleges. Among taxies, 6% of drivers of online booked vehicles permit passengers to smoke inside their car, and no smell of smoking, container of cigarette ends/ashes, or driver smoking was detected in these online booked vehicles. Among the conventional cruising taxis, 48.4% of taxi drivers permit passengers to smoke inside their car, smell of smoking was found in 9.6% of taxies, and 1.6% of taxi drivers smoke in their car.

Smoking in violation of the Regulations is serious in the taxi sector, and targeted stronger supervision and administration are needed.

Impact of a comprehensive tobacco control policy package on acute myocardial infarction and stroke hospital admissions in Beijing, China: interrupted time series study
Yunting Zheng, Yiqun Wu, Mengying Wang, Zijing Wang, Siyue Wang, Jiating Wang, Junhui Wu, Tao Wu, Chun Chang, Yonghua Hu
Tobacco Control
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