Introduce new methods to realize real harms of tobacco among youngsters
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Alcohol and Drug Information Center (ADIC), Tamil Media and Plantation Programme, Sri Lanka
Publication date: 2018-03-01
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2018;16(Suppl 1):A960
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Background and challenges to implementation:
Tamil films highly promote tobacco to among youth (ADIC Tamil film research 2015 .Especially Tamil speaking people highly engage with south Indian Tamil films. Even in the Tamil media they highly conduct prevention programmes but it is also doing show the real harms on tobacco among youth. Youth don't like to participate in the prevention programmes eventhough lot of prevention programmes available in the community. Therefore we thought to introduce a new way to realize the real harms on tobacco use among youngsters.

Intervention or response:
Developed the massive campaign as competition target on the Valentine 's Day. Theme is “Why young girls don't like to start relationship with smoker”?, 1st of February 2016 lounged the campaign. Conducted 15 direct campaigns in tuition classes in 02 districts and published 28 free advertisements in 02 national papers. Broadcasted 40 advertisements and telecasted 25 advertisements. Displayed 50 banners in the textiles and other youth related shops. Spread the message through social media. On Valentine 's Day conducted the special morning show as competition in 02 electronic media and the direct competition where youth gather especially on valentine's day.

Results and lessons learnt:
Able to get more than 10000 creative answers from youth.
According to the analyzing able to make aware on tobacco's real harm for 65% of youth in selected location. (Used Lot Quality Assurance sampling method)
Youngsters participation was highly enthusiastic to the competition.
Through the media coverage nearly more than 100000 youngsters were made aware.

Conclusions and key recommendations:
If developed creative and youth attractive activity, message of the theme will be delivered automatically among youngsters.
The collaboration also will increase whether developed the suitable activity for the suitable target group.

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