Corrigendum on:

Effectiveness and determinants of smoking cessation in the Saudi Arabian Region of Jazan: A cross-sectional study

By Osama Albasheer, Abdulaziz H. Alhazmi, Abdullah Alharbi, Anwar M. Makeen, Ahmad Y. Alqassim, Hafiz I. Al-Musawa, Amjad E. Alabah, Alwaleed K. Alhazmi, Nawaf A. Khormi, Yazeed A. Hamzi, Eyad Y. Abu Sharhah, Riyadh M. Salami, Mohammed Alshareef, Hassan Suwaydi, Ahmed Elkhobby

Tobacco Induced Diseases, Volume 21, Issue January, Pages 1–9,

Publish date: 21 January 2023


In the originally published version of the article the funding statement was not provided. The statement is now corrected as follows:

“This research is supported and funded by the Deanship of Scientific Research, Jazan University (Support Number: RUP2-06).”

The section has been corrected also online.