Cigarette cessation of novices done in the “buddhist scripture school” (Kusonsamakorn Phrapariyattidhamma School) in Bangkok, Thailand
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Priest Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Publication date: 2021-09-02
Corresponding author
Jantana Charoensuwan   

Priest Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2021;19(Suppl 1):A182
An extension of the-more-than-10-years-cigarette cessation program done among Buddhist monk-smokers established in the out-patient NCD clinic of the Priest Hospital, BKK, Thailand to a more preventive oriented multi-disciplinary mobile team led by a dentist had been periodically implemented at the “Buddhist Scripture School” (Kusonsamakorn Phrapariyattidhamma School) during 2560 BE (2017 CE).

This study described the success factors of the quit smoking program implemented in the “Buddhist Scripture School” (Kusonsamakorn Phrapariyattidhamma School) during 2560 BE (2017 CE).

“All informed consented novices” who had been asked to participate in the Quit smoking program with total participants of 97 novices. Key action means implemented in the PRIEST Hospital included; 1) The collaboration of the team workers from the hospital and the teachers or responsible persons in the Buddhist Scripture School is very important. Because the success of the program depend on the continuous tracking of the smokers or new smokers, too. 2) Promoting of smoking cessation campaign via mobile health units to persuade the smokers in the Buddhist Scripture School to quit smoking and also remained the non-smokers should be done periodically. 3) Intense mass campaign for the recruitment of participants were done in May every years which was the month of the World No-smoking Day. 4) Multi-disciplinary team approach, the team members included a psychologist, a pharmacist, registered nurses and various medical physicians led by a dentist facilitate this program using WHO 5A’s clinical practice guideline.

All non-smoked Novices remained non-smokers during the implementation period, 80 of 97 (82.47% of total Novices). 15 of 17 smoked Novices (88.24%) could quit smoking without relapsing as indicated by the WHO criteria.

Promoting of smoking cessation campaign via mobile unit by health team and collaboration with the responsible person in school are the keys success in Quit-smoking program in novices in the Buddhist Scripture School.

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