Attitude and perception towards secondhand smoke among general public in Nigeria
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Educate Trust, Ibadan, Nigeria
Publication date: 2018-10-03
Corresponding author
Abubakar Mercy   

Educate Trust, Ibadan, Nigeria
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2018;16(Suppl 3):A94
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Secondhand smoke is no longer a personal problem but a community problem as there is a perpetual increase in the rate of public smoking in prohibited places, even in places that are meant for children such as parks.Secondhand smoke has not been taken with much seriousness by nonsmokers as most of them do not know it consequences on their health, thus they believe they are save as long as they do not smoke.

Aims and Objectives:
This research sought to know the level of awareness as well as the attitude and knowledge displayed towards secondhand smoke in public place's by nonsmoker's, the perception of nonsmokers towards secondhand smoke as well as the copping strategies they adopt when exposed to tobacco smoke.

A cross sectional survey was used in selecting houses, campuses, hospitality venues as well as offices. Structured questionnaire were administered to 300 respondent in these places in measuring their knowledge, attitude and perception towards secondhand smoke as well as their copping strategies.This was however voluntary.

A total number of 300 respondents participated in the research, 31.5% were smokers and 20.3% of them smoke in public places. About 19.4% of them knows the harmful effect of secondhand smoke to the health, 38complex.5% are not aware of the effect associated to secondhand smoke, 21.2% were less concerned about the effect of secondhand smoke as they do not smoke, hence they are not affected.

Our study demonstrated a low level in the awareness and knowledge of the effect of secondhand smoke to the health as most resold nets who are nonsmoker's do not see secondhand smoke as a threat to their health. More awareness has to be done in enlightening the general public on the effect of secondhand smoke to the body as well the need to protect oneself from the harmful smokers.

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