Waterpipe (Shisha) smoking: pattern and predictors of use among University of Ibadan undergraduate students
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University of Ibadan, Department of Health Policy and Management, Nigeria
University of Ibadan, Department of Community Medicine, Nigeria
Publication date: 2018-03-01
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2018;16(Suppl 1):A813
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Tobacco consumption has been described as a global epidemic common in developing countries. Some of these countries barely have tobacco control policies and treatment for nicotine dependency, and where they do, these policies are mostly centered on cigarette smoking and are not fully implemented. Hence, this study was therefore carried out to determine the prevalence, pattern of use and predictors of an emerging method of tobacco consumption known as Waterpipe Smoking (WPS) among undergraduate students in University of Ibadan.

A cross sectional descriptive study was conducted among 390 undergraduate students residing in the halls at the University of Ibadan. Data were obtained using a semi-structured questionnaire and analysed with SPSS 21. Bi-variate analysis was used to test for associations while logistic regression was carried out to determine predictors of WPS.

The study revealed that mean age of initiation of WPS was 18.5 ± 2.7years, 7.8% were ever users while 3.9% were current users and the pattern of use was intermittent. Ever and current cigarette smoking, smoking of other products aside cigarette, having divorced parents, having all close friends as smokers and having a smoker in the family, having shisha smoker among siblings and close friends, acceptability of shisha smoking in the family and considering of shisha as smoking were all significant correlates of current use of WP after bivariate analysis was conducted. Ever cigarette smoking [O.R:12.9; p=0.013; 95% CI; 1.7-84.4], smoking of other products aside cigarette [O.R:12.7; p=0.012; 95% CI; 1.7-94.0], having all close friends as smokers [O.R:65.5; p=0.016; 95% CI; 3.3-129.4], having divorced parents [O.R:27.0; p=0.002; 95% CI; 3.5-216.0] and shisha smoking among siblings [O.R:94.0; p=0.001; 95% CI; 2.0-124.1] were predictors of current WP smoking after logistic regression was conducted.

WPS is practiced among University of Ibadan, undergraduate students. Hence, specific laws should be formulated to regulate its use.