Implementation of the tobacco control law: Ensuring 'smoke free environment' in police stations
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Bangladesh Police, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Publication date: 2021-09-02
Corresponding author
RM Faizur Rahman   

Bangladesh Police, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2021;19(Suppl 1):A146
The warning ‘Smoking kills’ is used by tobacco companies in the packet of cigarette to make people aware of the related health hazards but it seems that people are still not aware of the dangers. Nearly half (43%) of Bangladeshi adults aged 15 years and older, over 41.3 million are current tobacco users. The proportion of users is double in males (58%) than that of females (29%). Each year in Bangladesh, tobacco kills 57000 people and causes 1.2 million tobacco related illnesses.

To ensure smoke free environment in the Police Stations in Dhaka.

Primarily DMP Headquarters along with eight police stations from the eight crime zones of Dhaka city has initiated this project to address the problem by using programmatic approaches. Consequently, numerous workshops have been arranged at the police stations and special rewards have been awarded for compliance. Moreover, visualizations of adverse consequences of tobacco consumption are circulated in different media. Accordingly, detrimental health issues of tobacco are published in forms of stickers, booklets and banners

The author has delineated experiences of ensuring smoking free environment at the police stations of Dhaka city which will not only demotivate the smokers but also increase the knowledge of the law enforcers about the Smoking and Tobacco Products Usage (Control) Act 2005.

Continuous monitoring and awareness building among the police personnel could bring a grand success to the smoke-free initiatives of DMP.