IAWER- A systematic approach for monitoring of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (TAPS) violation at the point of sales in Bangladesh
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Grambangla Unnayan Committee, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Publication date: 2021-09-02
Corresponding author
Khandaker Reaz Hossain   

Grambangla Unnayan Committee, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2021;19(Suppl 1):A113
In Bangladesh, the use of smoked and smokeless tobacco products are very high. According to the recent GATS 2017 report, 35.3 percent people currently use tobacco. Government of Bangladesh enacted `Smoking and Tobacco Usage (Control) Act, 2005 on the basis of WHO FCTC. Despite of enacting law, tobacco industries are violating TAPS ban in the name of CSR. However, these type of advertising and promotional activities can be protected through an effective monitoring system.

To monitor the TAPS violations at the Points of Sales of tobacco products in a very systematic way so that district and sub-district level task forces can easily identify whether any incidence of TAP violation occurs at the POS.

IAWER is a systematic monitoring approach where a step by step process is followed through Identification, Administrative & Awareness, Warning, Enforcement and Reporting procedures. Through this process, a Point of Sale will be informed about TAPS ban first. Then, awareness raising and later, warning is given whether any violation of TAPS ban occurs. Then, enforcement procedure will be applied and finally, reporting procedure is completed and will be shared with task force committees. Grambangla TAPS ban project is successfully adopting IAWER tool to monitor TAPS violation at POSs.

It brought a remarkable success among the POSs. After the initial visits by the monitoring officers, incidences of TAPS related advertisements have been decreased significantly. Moreover, the owners of the POS were found to be motivated regarding not to use advertising materials for selling any tobacco products.

Monitoring of TAPS ban violation can be successful only by involving civil society groups. But it requires a very systematic approach. However, by using the IAWER approach through a step by step process, TAPS violation can be an effective tool for successful monitoring of TAPS ban violations at the point of sales of tobacco products.