Edutainment procedure to prevent initiation smoking in teenagers
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Ministry of Public Health, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Thailand
Sarawut Thongpaiwan   

MOPH, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Thailand
Publication date: 2021-09-02
Tob. Induc. Dis. 2021;19(Suppl 1):A273
The situation of smoking among youth aged 12-18 was increased to 1 year. Hundred thousand people and statistics , 10 Thai children who are addicted to smoking will have 7 children who are addicted to smoking and oral health problems. Including preventing new smokers to know how to reject cigarettes when persuaded and develop their self-defense skills

To investigate a new mean in preventing smoking initiation in teenagers by using an edutainment method.

The study groups included 120 students, age 9-12 years, lived in Bang Pla Ma District. Activities consisted of walk rally emphasized on the content about refusal of cigarette smoking, messages of smoking hazards, diseases related to smoking, plaque staining, and introducing NoNo Rabbit (no smoking mascot). After attending the activities the questionnaire was carried out and data was collected. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics.

Participated students reported that they would say no to smoking (80 percent), all of them can quote a motto of refusing smoking, satisfied with the activities (90% percent). satisfied with the use of knowledge and could use in daily life (95.83 percent). In addition 92.5 percent of them said that the duration of activities was appropriate, the project was useful and should be continued. Most of participating schools indicated that they had plans to start similar projects related to some aspect of tobacco control, “White School” project as an example.

Edutainment procedure helped teenagers to better understand the harm of smoking. A good edutainment activity, and positively increased participants fun and knowledge about disadvantages of smoking However, its success depended on a well-plan and active student participation, but it did not have any prove in preventing new smokers amomg teenagers.