Comparison between cigarette smoke-induced emphysema and cigarette smoke extract-induced emphysema
Zhi-Hui He 1,   Ping Chen 2  
,   Yan Chen 2, 3  
,   Sheng-Dong He 2,   Ji-Ru Ye 2,   Hong-Liang Zhang 2,   Jun Cao 4
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Intensive Care Unit, the Second Xiangya Hospital, Central-South University, Changsha, China
Department of Respiratory Medicine, The Second Xiangya Hospital, Central-South University, Changsha, China
Division of Respiratory Disease, Department of Internal Medicine, The Second Xiangya Hospital, Central-South University, Changsha, China
Department of Respiratory Medicine, Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, Changsha, China
Ping Chen   

Department of Respiratory Medicine, The Second Xiangya Hospital, Central-South University, Changsha, Hunan 410011, China
Yan Chen   

Division of Respiratory Disease, Department of Internal Medicine, The Second Xiangya Hospital, Central-South University, Changsha, Hunan 410011, China
Submission date: 2014-08-12
Acceptance date: 2015-03-15
Publication date: 2015-03-25
Tobacco Induced Diseases 2015;13(March):6
Emphysema is the main pathological feature of COPD and also is the focus of the related research. Although several emphysema animal models have been established, exact comparison of findings is seldom. The present study aimed to compare cigarette smoke (CS) exposure-induced emphysema model and intraperitoneal injection of cigarette smoke extract (CSE)-induced emphysema model to evaluate the effectiveness of the two different modeling methods.

Six-week-old male C57BL/6 J mice were used and randomly divided into two groups: CS exposure and intraperitoneal injection of CSE. Each group was subdivided into two subgroups: control and CS or CSE. Lung function, mean linear intercept (MLI), destructive index (DI), apoptotic index (AI), total and differential cells count in broncholavolar lavage fluid (BALF), SOD and IL-6 concentration in serum were measured.

Compared with their respective controls, lung function was significantly decreased in CS and CSE groups (P < 0.01); MLI, DI, and AI of lung tissue were significantly higher in CS and CSE groups (P < 0.01); total number of leukocytes, the number and percentage of neutrophils (NEUs), and the number of macrophages (MAC) in BALF were significantly higher in CS and CSE groups (P < 0.01); SOD concentration in serum was significantly decreased in CS and CSE groups (P < 0.01); IL-6 concentration in serum was significantly increased in in CS and CSE groups (P < 0.01). There was no significant difference between CS group and CSE group in any of the parameters described above.

Both CS exposure and intraperitoneal injection of CSE could induce emphysema and the effectiveness of the two different modeling methods were equal.

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